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A story about Easter, kids, and Goldens

by Marcia Kardatzke

Since Easter is next Sunday and I have no children at home to do the "egg thing" with, and Robbie the golden recliner is almost 12, I thought I'd share a funny little story of when Robbie was a wee pup and Joel was a young lad.

Robbie was bought for me to show and Joel to love.

I was single, POOR as a church mouse and to buy two dozen eggs was a lot of money, much less the Easter egg dye, etc etc....BUT....poor or not.. I was determined that traditions would carry on.

Tradition was.......... son goes to sleep with dog, wakes in the morning to a Easter Basket with toys, candy, plastic eggs.

Colored REAL eggs (which were PAINSTAKINGLY colored by son the night before), are hid all over the house. (along with a trail of raisins ....Oh look the Easter Bunny pooped!!!)

Mom wakes son up the next morning with a "Oh Joel!! Look what the Easter Bunny brought!!!"

After 24 eggs are found, breakfast is served and son enjoys all the cool things in his basket.

Easter morning I wake Joel up to go "find the eggs". He looked and he looked and he LOOKED>>>>>> no eggs..no eggs ANYWHERE...

Well ROBBIE, being a young golden pup of 9 months did not know the rules or traditions.

ROBBIE decided sometime in the middle of the night to do his OWN Easter egg hunt and he found ALL 24 EGGS!!! Not only did he FIND all 24 eggs, but he ATE all 24 eggs!!!!!

Robbie pooped colored egg shells for a week!!! WE took turns saying oh...look, must have been the pink one he ate next...Oh..there's a teal one...

I have to say, Robbie has been a wonderful dog and Joel has grown up to be a wonderful son with children of his own and I can now buy two dozen eggs and not worry about where the money is coming from.....but there once was a time.....:-)

Marcia Kardatzke
Aileron Goldens
Robbie...the Robster.....

Am/Can/Int/Int Vet/SKC nat/SKC Int/ Champion Aim-Hi's First Rockin Robbie CGC, multi BIS-SKC, multi BVIS Int,BIS-SKC

and the rest of the crew.... Multi Ch. Flyer SDHF, Multi Ch. Mewzik.


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