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Bitsy Little Boston

A poem about a Boston Terrier

by Marcia Kardatzke

How much do I miss you?
Oh let me count the ways.

Do I miss you in the Springtime
When the moose come out to graze?

Do I miss you in the Summer,
When I garden by the lake?

And when you dug potatoes,
I cleaned and washed and baked.

Do I miss you in the Autumn
As the leaves come tumbling down?

As you romped among the goldens,
A funny little clown.

Do I miss you in the Winter
When a chill is in the air?

I reach under the covers.
But no..you are not there.

Oh Bitsy little Boston
Why could you not have stayed?

Right by my side forever
Forever and a day.

I know one day I'll see you
And this is what I'll say

Oh Bitsy Little Boston..
I missed you all my days..


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