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Happy Birthday Flyer - 10/18/03

Great memories about Flyer and when he first came to live with Marcia.

10/18/94 - cute little boy born to Aim-Hi Goldens. Coincidentally it ALSO happened to be Marcia's birthday. Bif the kennel boy says one Boston Terrier and one Golden (Robbie) was PLENTY....

No WAY JOSE did we need ANOTHER GOLDEN..!!!!.

A few whines, a few pouts and a few WELL FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD BIF...

It is a SIGN FROM GOD if a golden is BORN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Bif, not wanting to incur the wrath of "higher ups" (or the pouting woman below) relented.

Beverly, not knowing what to get me for my birthday decided This puppy would be appropriate. So she and Mike (aka Bif the kennel boy) Gave me Flyer for my birthday present. The best birthday present I have ever received. Thank you Beverly Nolan Aim Hi Goldens.

So at 8 weeks in 1994 , Flyer came to Aileron to live. He was a funny looking puppy. He was always on the go and when he ran his ears flew out sideways. Marcy LaPique called him the flying nun.

It was the "Alaskan" litter so he became Aim-Hi's Alaskan Flyer at that time. I had just learned how to fly and had only been married a year to Bif the kennel boy. We took our new "baby" up in Bif's plane ( pressurized twin engine) that had just had new carpet put in. Baby Flyer, who had just eaten, promptly proceeded to puked all over the new carpet of Bif's plane. Arrrhhh!

Oh man, I thought...will he divorce his new wife? Dump her and the dogs? Scream? Yell? What?

Nope...Bif saw the puke and promptly grabbed baby Flyer and started baby talking to him." Oh you poor baby, did daddy fly too crazy and make baby sick...I am so sorry.".(We had been doing some "yanking and banking" as I call it)

I took a look at man and puppy and decide...Hey...This guy is staying. Guess I found a good husband this time.

Next time baby Flyer went up it was with an empty stomach and he learned to love going and we all learned a lesson. (one is chose your husbands well but that's a different story...lol)

He was a naughty puppy in the litter, often running off with the toy and not coming. First one out of the box, first one to go exploring, etc. etc. His coat was "sticky outy" and not particularly attractive compared to the other pups. But he seemed put together rather nicely, trotting easily with a level top line. Gut instinct told me this dog was going to be something special for me.

Flyer grew into his ears (thank goodness) with a head I absolutely think is wonderful, and instead of being independent...became totally devoted to us. His coat, that looked so funny as a baby, turned into a lovely spun honey color that is thick yet easy to care for. At 9 his pigment is still coal black.

A quick learner and no doubt the brightest dog I have ever owned (I have had some REALLY dumb dogs and some really smart dogs) and most importantly... he makes me laugh. He has wonderful facial expressions and antics that still make me giggle.

Flyer earned his CGC at 7 months. Flyer was a fun show dog. He LOVED the ring..finishing his championship easily with 4 majors, became a multi champion and Show Dog Hall of Fame in the US and Canada and became a Can. Best in Show dog under Don Davis and a multi BIS in SKC and UCI Int. shows.

Flyer is my lap dog. My comfort dog. When I am happy he's happy, when I am sad, he does something goofy to make me laugh. You simply can not be depressed around this boy for long. He still crawls up in my lap each night and then to Mike's lap for "snuggle time". His head goes right against your neck as if he needs to get as close to you as possible.

With our loss of senior flyboy "Robbie" last month, Flyer has spent a lot of time "snuggling". I am sure he has been feeling our sadness.

Flyer loves everyone but especially small children and puppies. He seems aware that his size might frighten small dogs and he will lie down and flatten himself so they can jump on him. "Make yourself tiny" I tell Flyer and he takes 78 pounds of golden hair and fluff and tries to make himself tiny to a 3 pound Pomeranian or other small dog.. Pretty hysterical to watch.

Flyer is Am/Can/SKC Nat/SKCInt/UCI Int/UCI Int Ch. Aim-Hi's Alaskan Flyer SDHF, Can HOF CGC BIS-Can, multi BIS SKC and multi BIS UCI int.

His pedigree can be seen at http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=11266

His nicknames include Bevis, Boo boo, and Baa baa loo...

My heart dog forever... Happy Birthday Boo Boo butt... May you have many more birthdays and may you never leave me..I love you...

Marcia Kardatzke


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