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Christmas - A Not So Brilliant Idea

by Marcia Kardatzke

With Turkey day behind us and the next holiday approaching...

I thought I might share a story from a few years ago.

Here's MY story..
About 6 years ago I got the brilliant idea (I get so many its hard to keep track, but this was a good one)...anyway I got the brilliant idea to decorate the tree as a "Dog Family Tree"....

None of these stupid Victoria bows or little snowmen or tin soldiers for me. Nope.. I thought...How STUNNING it would be (it was) to decorate the large freshly cut Alaskan Tree with tiny little puppy dog cookie bones....

I spent hours and hours and HOURS tying little red ribbons to these tiny little bones. Hundreds of tiny bones, adorned in red graced the tree.

Stunning, absolutely stunning. I am soooooo brilliant. And humble to boot. A plus.

I let the dogs into the house, excited little children that they are.

Look kids,,,,,look what mom has done!

The two Goldens,Robbie and Flyer and Bitsy the Boston ran into the house. They took one look at the TREE and said,

Thank you Jesus! I HAVE BEEN A GOOD DOG. You did answer prayers! Not only do we have a Tree IN the house, it has FOOD ALL OVER IT!!!!

I have been a good dog! I have been a good dog!!!.

Sigh...............does anyone know how quickly two adult goldens can destroy a 8 foot tree?

It was like sharks in a feeding frenzy. My well behaved dogs turned into eating maniacs!

The cookies they did not get to immediately, the smallest trouble maker, the Boston got. I was horrified and worried about them consuming ribbons and took me a bit to get everyone locked out of the room. FORTUNATELY everyone was fine, no obstructions from their consumption of red ribbon.

However...You really don't want to know what red ribbons look like in poop.

Rather ornamental actually..Gave a "bit of color" to an otherwise boring pile. It was rather cheery in the yard for a week or so..:-)


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