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Announcing the death of Sally Salmon and her brother Solomon Salmon. They were "RED salmon caught in the evil net of a Mrs.

K. (no last names please to protect the guilty)

(BTW- calling a salmon "RED" is still politically correct in Alaska)

Sally at the time of her demise weighted a slight 8 pounds and Solomon weighted 12 pounds. Mrs. K was heard to say, "wow that's about 9 nice filets".

Mrs. K was also heard to utter a grunt when dip netting for

10-12 pound red salmon, had a rather large, possibly 70-80 pound KING SALMON got in her net. It FILLED end to end a 5 foot dip net just purchased today. 

She was not letting go of that net but she could not bring the King into the boat either. Sort of a Mexican stand off....only with fish.

 The King salmon, aka Elvis, rather unhappy at being in a dip net for his cousins the red, did aerobatics, flipping up and around, actually becoming airborne several times as Mrs. K continued to keep him in the net, by some sort of miracle, much to the hooting and hollering of several beer drinking fishermen in the next boat who thought it quite amazing that a 5"2" woman could even GET a salmon that big in her net, much less keep it in while it did am amazing amount of aerobatics.

Just as Mrs. K was yelling at MR K to get your butt back here and HELP me,(Mr. k was driving the boat and trying not to run over the beer drinking fishermen) Mr. King Salmon(Elvis) TORE THROUGH THE NET AND GOT AWAY.

Mrs. K's Net is in SHREDS, her adrenaline is still pumping 3 hours later and

Mrs. K was heard to utter the words, there's always tomorrow BUCKO...I'LL BE BACK!!!



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