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So--how was YOUR DAY???? Holy cow....

I should have known it was going to be a COW sort of day when I put the beef for the fajita's in the crock pot to cook this morning..

Taking a moment from my afternoon to take a quick snapshot of my new front door for my mother in law I managed to lock myself out of the
house. Since I live in the country it's not like I can easily go next door and warm up....but still... Not a big deal until you know I was wearing
Birkenstocks, a short sleeve shirt and it was snowing and had already snowed 2 inches. And it was getting dark. I managed to get to the back
fenced yard without falling and find the doggie door.(a Pickwick) that leads into the garage and then the house. It's cold, it's snowing , and all I
want to do is get BACK into the house before a neighbor drives by and sees their wacko neighbor out in a snowstorm in Birkenstock sandals
and a tee shirt. Sigh... and the day had gone so WELL up until this point. As I TRY to crawl through the doggie door the two Goldens, Flyer and
Mewzik, hear someone breaking into the house via the doggie door and set up a bark a thon.. The garage light was off so all they could see is the
burglar, slightly STUCK in the doggie door. (you can use your imagination as to WHAT PART OF MY BODY WAS STUCK...) big sigh here.

They begin to bark furiously at the "burglar" in the scary dark garage. Shut up you morons it's me! I yell. Holy cow...

At that point, cold, wet from the snow, my rear end stuck out the doggie door in a snowstorm the doggies thought GREAT SHE'S playing
And proceeded to give me a large howl a thon face licking while I yelled, stop stop!!! Quit licking my face I am drowning from dog slobber
here!!!  (I pictured my beloved husband coming home, finding his wife stuck in the doggie door, drowned from dog slobbers.) Not a pretty way
to go.Mewzik thinks it's some sort of new game and grabs her toy and starts singing again so loud I almost went deaf.  Flyer is
barking and barking for me to get up and let's PLAY this COOL GAME but I am still trying to get THROUGH the door without drowning or
ripping off body parts.
I wasn't sure how to get the rest of me through the doggie door but I remembered that skinny twit that teaches yoga downstairs near my office
was into all that slinky boa constrictor stuff so I said a few OOOOMMMMMSSS ( or was it ump??) and managed to slither through the doggie
door. As I finally fell into the garage and laid there panting as only a fat 55 year old lunatic can do. (does ANYONE at this point wonder why my
husband nick named me LUCY????)  I wonder the meaning of life, and regret that last brownie I ate yesterday. Holy cow.
Thinking the REST of evening would be SEDATE, I made my fajitas and homemade guacamole and then answered the phone. It was the
cowman calling me back to tell me the details of the cows he was selling. Called my best friend and then...the following story happens....

 My girlfriend and I have just purchased a cow...or rather half of a cow...(don't you love co ownerships?)

Or perhaps it's a male. I was so excited I forgot to ask the sex. He or she weights a lot...1400-1800 pounds.(depending on which one we take)
Half of that will belong to us...So actually I have a half of a half of a beef. Sort of like a quarter only better. I think we'll call her Brownie.. She has
no preservatives or growth hormones and is grass fed natural beef. She will be in our freezer in 10 days or so when she ages.
We have NOT told our husbands, We have ALSO have not told our husbands we have to help wrap BROWNIE after the farmer cuts her in
little Brownie steaks. My husband is a city boy from Los Angeles... This will be interesting... The day has ended almost and the way it has gone I
am hesitant to answer the phone but an excited Danette calls to tell me the little golden bitch I co own with her (and lives with

her) Willow (Am Can Ch. Aim-Hi's Fly Like Th' Wind) has been ultra sounded. Some fancy 3 dimensional thing.

They counted between 12 and 13 little golden puppies but there could be more!!! Holy cow.. I think she should have a cow theme...it's just been
that sort of day.
 Farmer Marcia


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