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Happy birthday to Mewzik who is 6 years old today.

Six is not a milestone and I would not normally post a dogs birthday until older but she is something special.

I have to say Mewzik is the most entertaining, keep you on your toes dog I have every owned.

I flew back with my friend Lori Kunz (Artic Sun flatcoats) to look at a litter Ellen Manke had, by a dog named Chipper. I had originally see
Chippers brother Fever first and really liked him so when the chance to take pick bitch from Chipper ( who I also liked) came up I was
interested. I saw a really pretty blonde little bitch I loved...but then as I was examining this lovely little bitch this small little medium golden puppy
bitch ran up and barked at me!. HEY LOOK AT ME!!!...  I ignored her as I loved this little blonde bitch..So the smaller little puppy bitch
barked at me again!!DANG IT LOOK AT ME!!!..Lori said, "hey look at the attitude of that puppy..."
"Yeah" I said and pretty much ignored her as I focused on this lovely pick blonde bitch that we all thought was nice. So....this little tiny puppy ran
to the crowd of golden people that were gathered around and barked at everyone and looked at them as if to say..

.I am THE one!!!...It's all about ME! and...as she barked she stacked herself perfectly in a lovely show stack. Naturally.

Lori kept saying...look at that little stinker!  As Mewzik kept running around barking at different people and stacking herself naturally.

She would not let me ignore her so finally I said, "FINE! Bring that little barky bitch over her and let me look at her."

Well... holding her as still as one could hold jello without a bowl I said,,,"hey you know, she's put together pretty nice..."

So at Lori's urging and against my best judgment I left the pretty blonde girl to stay with the breeder and took the little wild one home with me.

Lord ......what HAVE I done...

She had 2 knobs.. ON or OFF....Nothing in between. She went full speed everywhere. When she wore out the older Golden Robbie, she
started on the younger golden Flyer.  When she wore BOTH of them out she continued to want to play...taking toys and banging the dogs on the
head to play until they would get up on the bed to get away from her.  To entertain herself she would grab the metal food bowls and run through
the house banging them everywhere like a prison riot gone wrong, making as much noise as she could. A whirling dervish into a house of peace
and quiet. Very cat-like, she would lie on her back and with her paws, toss the ball in the air and catch it as she laid upside down on her back.
My morning routine is a piece of toast with a nice cuppa tea in the lazy boy.. A QUIET time to reflect on the day. Focus on the word quiet and
reflective. Well...Mewzik had her OWN agenda. Sitting quietly, looking at the lake and trying to wake up I sensed rather than saw a small golden
blur dash into the den... Suddenly this golden blur, so fast you are not really sure what it was, GRABS my TOAST from my lap and sucks it down
so fast you ALMOST think you have imagined it. Then whirls out of the den...Mach 4 speed. Shocked (my golden boys were always so well
behaved) I think...okay little girl. Time for some manners... So patiently I have her sit in front of me... She does easily (to my amazement)...I give
her a tiny piece of toast.. She takes it gently. (again I am amazed)... Ah I think, patting myself on the back. I am the superb dog trainer. Trained
this little girl in no time at all. 8 weeks old and she already has manners. Mewzik at that point sensing the lesson was over said,"Fine..now GIVE
ME ALL THE TOAST!!!" , jumped on my lap, spilled my tea and grabbed the rest of the toast and zoomed off before I could take back my rule
about not beating dogs.   At 8 weeks she saw the golden boys go get the paper and whining and crying at the door she managed to slip out,
BEAT the boys to the paper (who casually trotted to do their daily paper retrieve) and grabbed the paper (that was as big as her) and dragged it
all the way to the house!! IF one of the golden boys beat her to the paper, she took it out of their mouths and brought it back. Me first is her
attitude. If her breakfast was slow in coming she barked and danced and whirled and when placed in front of her she made Hoover proud,
sucking it as fast as any vacuum cleaner could..  Until I stepped in (the mean old mom) she tried to eat the boys food too (who being typical
golden boys would let her and just say, AW mom  she's so cute...let her eat our food too...)

I knew she would be something special because she just had that "something' that you can't put your finger on but you know it when you see it.

She went into the show ring for her first three shows at just 7 months old. Two 5 point majors and best golden puppy AND a puppy sporting
group one that weekend left everyone going WHO THE HECK IS  THAT!!??? (let me tell you I could have caught flies with my open mouth)

Mewzik proceeded the next year to SHOW who the heck that was as she completed her American Championship (at

19 months!!!), her Canadian Championship and her International Championship within 6 weeks of each other. She qualified for a Dog World
award but I forgot to apply for it.. (Suppose it's too late now) Just to do things HER way, she got her Am. Ch on Mike's birthday. He said it was
the best birthday present he could ever get.   Entertaining in the ring (remember she was just a puppy, not a mature show dog) she did things like
on the down and back right before she got to the judge, JUMP 4 feet into the air, LAND with all 4 feet perfectly planted into a show stack.
She once as I recall tried to plant a big kiss on one judge during her mid air antics. ( I am a bit fuzzy here I am sure I have blacked out most of
her antics....selective amnesia ya know) You did not "show" Mewzik... You hung on tight while she took you for a wild roller coaster ride.

She was the E ticket ride of show dogs..She finished her championships at 19 months and then we took her hunting with the golden boys.

She is an amazing grouse dog...and when a huge magpie accidentally flew into my house she was after it in a flash.  She is amazingly birdy.

We live on a lake and she loves the water and will be over there swimming and trying to catch the loons until you tell her no.

She is also the "mouth" of the family. (a title I formerly owned). She has to "talk" about everything and sing about everything. She will go through
the house "singing" and carrying a toy. I have no idea why...guess she just loves to hear the sound of her voice.
Mike used to do a lot of over night travel and he always wanted for me to put the phone up to her so he could say hi (think we need another
hobby folks??ha) and he would call her name over the phone.. an she would start her "singing"..
NOW....many years later if you answer the phone you have to lock her out of the room as she starts this singing stuff as she just knows Mike aka
Bif the kennel boy is calling to talk to her (Remember her motto is "it's all about me") I can not tell you how many phone calls go "do you have
to go get that?" "Get what?"  "the baby, I can hear a baby crying and gurgling in the background" "Ah...no..that's just Mewzik my dog,
singing....don't suppose you want to chat with her.?"  She , for all her antics has turned out to be an excellent house dog...Settles easily but always
ready for a game. You can not wear her out when your are hiking so don't even try. She has more heart than any dog I have ever seen.
We did not special her as after getting her clearances, I wanted puppies. After many tries we decided she just wanted to keep her girlish
figure and gave up. Some things are just not meant to be. She has kept me on my toes. She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. She learns
and catches on so quickly. Thanks Ellen Manke for one of the brightest, most amusing and entertaining puppies I have ever owned.

You can not be depressed when she is around. We have had 6 years of amusement with this girl. I wonder what the next 6 years will bring?

Happy birthday Mew Mew. Thank you for 6 years of amazement and amusement.  May you have many more. There is only one:

Am. Can. Int. Champion Amberac Aileron Face Th' Mewzik.  I think Mike will take her grouse hunting tomorrow for her present.

Who says show dogs don't hunt??


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