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Geek SUV's and barking phones
- a little story.... 

Was in the big Village of Anchorage yesterday looking at new trucks and buying clothes for my

cruise.....when hubby ( who's taste is pretty much 180degrees from mine) said "let's look at the new XXXX'S

(I have blacked out the name of the SUV in case you have the unfortunate taste to own one of these..I wouldn't

want you to feel badly..) They're way cool" I thought they looked like a "dork truck" and they were

waaay too small after driving the Exxon Valdez...I mean the Excursion....

but I could not get my husband away from the salesman..I was checking to see if I had salesmen flypaper on me

or something.

 I think I need to buy some of that "AWAY DANG IT AWAY" spray for car salesmen that you use to keep cats from

scratching on your furniture. I would even settle for some "BUG OFF"spray if it would work on car salesmen who I love almost as

much as root canals.   Anyway after a polite "thanks but it's way too small for my needs" the salesman persisted on telling me how

many dogs could fit in the back.. " No I can't even get one CRATE in the back much less 2" I said.

My husband explained that I had Golden Retrievers...the smartest dogs in the world and I showed them and wanted

to travel in comfort ,style, and safety with them. I should preface this story by saying I downloaded new ring

tones on my new kewl KRZR phone and one of them is a barking dog.. and yes..I know what you're thinking..a new KRZR phone

with barking dogs could possibly considered being slightly geeky but no..I am just avante-guard.... not geeky....

About the time I am running for the door and my husband is still enthralled with a geeky looking tiny SUV the

phone rings....err rather it barks....ra ra ra ra ra ra rah rah.....it goes. Rahhhh rahhh rahhhh RAAHHH!! The phone keeps barking.

The salesman looked a bit stunned...and so with as straight a face as I could muster....I said..".Excuse me the dogs are calling"....

and my husband , swift on the uptake said... "Golden Retrievers are so smart...aren't they???

He let us leave in peace after that...


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